We have always been fascinated by how the mechanisms inside our devices work. If you can recall, manufacturers catered to this interest with transparent versions of their products. Moreover, they even sold these for a premium and people still snap them up. Music lovers can finally thank Gearbox Records for the release of its Automatic Turntable MkII.

It’s not the first transparent turntable we’ve seen, yet it’s just as remarkable as the others. With so many upscale options in various premium materials, we’ll still gladly pick this over metal and wood. Gearbox did not mention it specifically, but for items like it, the housing is most likely acrylic.

Its properties make it easier to mold into whatever shape and it is a bit resistant to impacts as well. Moreover, for scuffs on the surfaces, you can buff it out with the right tools. The Gearbox Automatic Turntable MKII relies on the transparent properties of its base to give us a peek at the electronics and motors within.

It’s an attractive piece of modern audio technology that adds a stylish motif to any room. Among the upgrades Gearbox mentions, there are a few that stand out. The Automatic Turntable MkII uses a new belt drive with an aluminum pully for stability. Another is the high-fidelity built-in valve phono stage.

Gearbox says the Automatic Turntable MkII is built by Pro-ject in Europe. It ships with a Pro-ject tonearm and OM 10 Ortofon moving magnetic cartridge. There are two payback speed settings: 33 rpm and 45 rpm. Choose between a wired output or go wireless via Bluetooth. It even supports online track tagging.

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Automatic Turntable MkII Top View Automatic Turntable MkII Glass Platter Automatic Turntable MkII On Table

Images courtesy of Gearbox