Say goodbye to cumbersome wires and keep your work desk clean and tidy with the GAZEPAD Pro, a mouse pad that not only works on your mouse but also charges your mobile devices.

Built on the concept that “less is more,” this mouse pad takes up less space on your desk with its sleek design but it keeps your gadgets safe and secure in one place because of its non-slip base. It also helps you save money since you don’t have to constantly replenish on charging cables that easily break since it comes with a built-in wireless charging function.

The pad can power up any of your mobile devices, including your phones, smart watches, wireless earphones, or power banks. Unlike other wireless chargers, the GAZEPAD PRO uses a 3-coil charging system so it provides a wider range of charging. This means the pad still works even if you put your device anywhere on it instead of just on one dedicated spot. You can place your phone at irregular angles and it will still work.

Likewise, the charging system automatically decides whether to do a quick or normal charge based on the device’s specification. Apple and most android brands including LG and Samsung are compatible with this mouse pad.

The GAZEPAD PRO is made of PU leather and features a rectangular design. It is equipped with a universal USB Type-C port on the top and one on the side for vertical usage. The only downside is that this mouse pad runs the risk of a fire if you charge two devices simultaneously.

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Photos Courtesy of Gaze Lab