Christmas is coming. However, with all the craziness of COVID 19 this year, the thought of Christmas has been a point of joy for many. I know that in my family, we have been looking at Christmas as the time when we can hopefully all come together and celebrate.

However, I always dread the thought of heading to the mall, braving the masses and frantically hunting for the perfect Christmas gift for each of my 12 – yes 12! – family members.

Christmas shopping had always brought a whole lot of head-scratching, stressing, and fighting through crowds. After a few too many trips like this a couple of years ago, I decided that there must be an easier way to find gifts for family and friends that did not involve desperately scouring the stores.

Enter the unmatched duo – online shopping and gift guides.

As a now experienced gift guide connoisseur, I’m going to give you a summary of what I think are the best gifts in this amazing tech gifts and gadgets guide for your partner, family and friends this Christmas. This guide has broken down gift-giving to fine art, providing a picture, a short summary, and a quippy title that tells us who the gift is best suited for. This guide is a great all-rounder and gives cool, on-point gift ideas for family, friends, kids and even pets!

For the ladies

First, lets will look at probably the hardest people to buy for, in my opinion. I think that we can all admit to being stuck one time or another on what to buy for your wife, girlfriend, mom, or grandma. Well, fear not – I got you! For a woman who you think has everything, check this out. The Click and Grow Smart Indoor Garden allows you to grow a ton of different plants and makes it almost impossible to kill them. Since having indoor plants are currently trending, I recommend this as a great choice for any woman in your life.

For the kids

Next up is the kids. Kids these days take to technology like breathing, so choosing anything from this list is sure to be a winner. Based on my own experience with 6 nieces and nephews, I generally look for gifts that aren’t a tablet or smartphone because they will either have their grubby hands on one already; or it is something that their parents want to buy for them. Personally, I think the mini drone is one of the best presents I’ve brought so far this year and I look forward to having a sneaky go when my nephew isn’t paying attention.

For the boys

Finally, the guys. My personal picks for this Christmas would be the Fitbit Inspire or the Sony Extra Bass Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The Fitbit Inspire is a good midrange smartwatch and is great for anyone looking to lose those COVID pounds. The Sony speaker is also a great choice as it packs a punch sound-wise and actually has decent battery life. Definitely recommend for a mate or teen.

With Christmas being 12 weeks away, and with shipping delays still occurring due to COVID, I say go forth and shop now, then smugly enjoy the last weeks of December worry-free.