The design of the BEEAH Group headquarters, by Zaha Hadid Architects, is a remarkable creation. This building stands in the middle of a desert in the UAE and blends with the dunes that surround it. A plan with a free-flowing outline, it becomes the source of inspiration for the G02, which is just as stunning.

MASK Architects designs their concept with barely any geometric form in sight. Nevertheless, its aesthetics strike us as a modern work of engineering. From certain angles, it looks like an abstract masterpiece painted with contrasting hues of white, blue, and green.

The G02 is a villa on a man-made island that gives off a tropical vibe. In addition to the curvilinear silhouette, the studio likewise claims that this residence also touts eco-friendly friendly characteristics. We can’t help but notice some similarities to the Oceanix Busan since it connects to the mainland via a single private road.

However, the G02 is not a floating platform. Artificial islands are nothing new, which is why this proposal is entirely possible as long as the cost is not an issue. Although it is accessible by land, the people can also dock their fancy vessels to and arrive in style.

“Instead of creating one big block building, we have chosen to create smaller separated buildings. This has its own function to be more energy-efficient and also to create private areas on the island,” explains MASK Architects.

The G02 features multiple volumes that serve various functions. There are several pools, a tennis court, a glass sky deck, an indoor gym, a game room, a library, entertainment facilities, and more. Parties or events held in this private paradise are sure to leave a lasting impression on whoever sets foot on the villa.

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G02 Aerial View G02 Main Building G02 Fitness Center G02 Pool

Images courtesy of MASK Architects