Designer Dymitr Malcew brought social distancing to the workplace with his post-COVID-19-inspired modular furniture called the Futo Collection. This is a flexible, private seating solution that you can set up according to your preference.

The Singapore-based designer and architect conceptualized movable furniture pieces that you can set up either for a single person or two. You can even arrange it in rows like those private cubicles you see in offices. To personalize the concept, Malcew made sure that the pieces are comfortable to sit on so they are soft and upholstered.

The FUTO Collection blurs the line between workplace and hospitality spaces to provide users with the flexibility they need in the workplace. Malcew looked to oversized furniture in hotel lobbies as inspiration for his collection. His design is curvy and organic in form and based on human-centric principles. As such, sitting in one of these chairs feels like getting a hug and a sense of psychological safety.

The pieces of furniture in the collection are modular. This means they can bet set up according to the needs at the moment. Whether for a meeting, one-on-one like in an interview, or for solo use. There are no permanent walls or rooms so it removes the hassle and saves money on having to rebuild or take down concrete walls. 

Moreover, the FUTO Collection arrives in vibrant colors and some pieces come with desks. The collection gives you the freedom to put together your ideal workplace setup. In the process, it paves way for a sustainable environment.     

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Images courtesy if Dymitr Malcew