This here is the Suzuki GN250 Cubus by Free Spirit Motorcycles. This is no render but an actual machine you can hold and ride. Even more impressive is the fact that this is just a side project of a Slovakian advertising agency’s brand director. Slavo Danko mostly works on custom creations like this with his son.

The father-son duo starts off with a Suzuki GN250 as the donor moto for this build. Given the modest manpower available, Free Spirit Motorcycles took four years to complete the Cubus. As noted earlier, this is a man having fun with what he loves in his free time.

Meanwhile, the remarkable results of their efforts show in the sleek aesthetics of the Cubus. Surprisingly, the only element it keeps from the original bike is the engine with bits and pieces of its other parts. This means everything else you see on there is either sourced from other models or built from the ground up.

The level of detail on the aluminum body is a mix of CNC-machining and hand-forming. Furthermore, we can only imagine the days and nights spent welding and grinding down the seams. Free Spirit Motorcycles presents the Cubus in a two-tone silver/black colorway and you can’t get any more minimalist than this.

The Cubus rides on 17” wheels from a Suzuki DR-Z400 shod in Dunlop Mutant tires. A Husqvarna SM 125 swingarm extends all the way back but drops the original shocks in favor of a monoshock affair here. There’s more that went into this build, but the clean lines and unique stature are its biggest highlights.

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Images courtesy of Free Spirit Motorcycles