Perched 2500 feet above the Rio Grande river valley overlooking downtown El Paso and Juarez (Texas), the Franklin Mountain House is a captivating oasis in the middle of the rugged landscape.

Utilizing natural materials including local basalt grey stone, white lime stucco, and steel & leather recalling the city’s cowboy history, the 5200 ft2 family home is surrounded by a small ecosystem of cacti, aromatic herbs, and multicolored grasses. Thanks to large panoramic glazing, the 3-story dwelling keeps a close connection to the exterior from every space, and boasts various terraces that catch the flow of water. The rubble style walls of the lower floors seem to emerge from the raw nature, while the contrasting white bedroom volume appears to float above the landscape.

A rich fauna (golden eagles, red tailed hawks, deer and rabbits) can be admired here, all actors in an impressive scenery, lit by the sky fading from red to orange to deep indigo, as the city lights of Juarez come up and illuminate the valley.