Since its debut in 1992, the McLaren F1 remains one of the most coveted sports cars in existence. Everything about it was engineered by Gordon Murray to perfection which is highly prized by collectors. The British marque might not have plans to revisit the platform anytime soon, but Formawerx has other plans.

Modern vehicles may no longer use traditional keys to open and start, but manufacturers still include one in some form or the other. Keyless options are surely more convenient, but it’s better to have a physical alternative just in case the fob goes haywire.

The luxury accessory brand offers an exclusive service that McLaren F1 owners should consider. With only 106 examples of the high-performance machine in existence, each one deserves only the best aftermarket care and accessories.

Formawerx specializes in crafting bespoke luxe copies of automotive keys and the three-seater finally gets its turn. Given the rarity of the ride, it’s only fair that its optional add-one matches its mechanical beauty. Thus, the construction uses premium materials with additional customization options.

Titanium is the metal of choice for this sophisticated Formawerx project and it then receives a vapor gold finish. This is apparently a nod to the McLaren F1’s engine bay lining which glistens with the precious metal. The overall silhouette of the bow resembles that of the vehicle’s aerodynamic body.

There’s even a transparent section that can be in quartz or sapphire. It’s an eye-catching visual element that reminds owners of the cabin’s unique seating arrangement. The section of the blade beneath the crystal shows an engraving of the car’s chassis number. Formawerx will likely match it with the actual McLaren F1 that the key is for.

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