When you crave serenity surrounded by nature, it pays to own a piece of property like the Forest Road Estate. It’s a good thing too that this palatial dwelling is currently for sale. That’s right, those with money to burn can claim ownership of this secluded lodge. You can find it at 165 Forest Road, on Vail Mountain.

As with most homes situated on the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, the breathtaking views it affords are exceptional. This multi-tier structure spans 8,801 square feet and stands on a 0.43-acre lot. Construction was completed in 2019, which makes it relatively new if that matter to buyers.

The listing is currently at $45 million to make it one costly investment. Still, we know the Forest Road Estate won’t stay on the market for too long given the amenities that go along with its purchase. There are generous open spaces throughout the four-story mansion.

Meanwhile, the volumes within boast a modern design that creates a cozy atmosphere. This is appealing since the elevated location is perfect for those who can’t stand the heat of summer. Fancy a dip? Dive right in the glass-bottom pool. When it gets chilly, bask in the warmth of the firepit below.

Another option is to head inside and relax in the sauna, steam shower, or massage room. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and walls fill the interior with natural light by day and a diffused glow when the moon is bright enough at night.

The Forest Road Estate offers a luxurious escape many of us can only dream of. Host a party here and leave guests with a lasting impression for life. The architects did not hold back as the use of marble and exotic stones are dominant themes almost everywhere here.

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Images courtesy of LIV Sotheby’s International Realty