Located on the picturesque Halden Canal in Norway, the Flo Floating Cabin offers an unforgettable getaway surrounded by wilderness. It has a comfortable 323-square-foot interior that hosts a bedroom and a sitting area with a wood-burning stove.

This unique off-grid micro-cabin features a rectangular base that rests on a floating element. It also has a reverse-pitched roof that adds a touch of elegance but also guides your views toward expansive beautiful scenery.

The Flo Floating Cabin takes on a clever design with its space divided into two zones. There are social spaces and the kitchen while the private sleeping area and bathroom guarantees comfort and privacy.

Together with the Halden Canal Regional Park, STRÅ co-founder Anders Byng Strøm and Laureen Putzolu of Studio OSMA designed this on-water accommodation to introduce newcomers to the area’s natural beauty and rich logging history.

“[The idea] was to use architecture as a way to reach out to more people, or perhaps a different segment. There’s been a lot of treetop cabins and experiential architectural concepts done over the last few years, but this project was an opportunity to create a different overnight experience based more on the qualities of the region,” Strøm said.

The Flo Floating Cabin lets you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature. You can either rent this cabin and tour along the canal, which lies at the heart of the region and now acts as a venue for a range of outdoor and cultural activities, or tie it to a mooring and still get breathtaking views of the natural scenery.  

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Images courtesy of Flo Floating Cabin