FLÎKR Fire brings you more reasons to enjoy s’mores in the kitchen or have a tabletop fireplace in the comfort of your bedroom. This nifty home essential doesn’t use wood. Instead, it uses alcohol for a safe and carbon monoxide-free emission. Plus, it is compact and portable so you can enjoy its benefits anytime and anywhere. 

It uses just 5 ounces of 70% or 91% isopropyl rubbing alcohol to give you roughly 50 minutes of burn time. It produces minimal soot where the flame touches, especially in a ventilated area, but not on the ceiling. This is also safe to cook over and this means it makes great party favors to wow the guests. You can cook s’mores and hotdogs, brew a small pot of coffee, and more. 

The FLÎKR Fire is more than just a cooking tool though. It also offers warmth just like any regular fireplace. It even serves as an emergency light. You can be mesmerized by the flickering flame as you enjoy the warmth it gives. You don’t even need to turn down your A/C with it on.

Then there’s it being an attractive centerpiece in your living room or entryway. Its concrete body adds timeless elegance and doesn’t overheat or crumble too even when exposed to hours of heat. It has adjustable bottom feet that keep the heat away from the burning surface.

The FLÎKR Fire also comes with the Snuffing Lid, which is precisely engineered to quickly snuff out the flame without minimal heat transfer to the handle. The lid and the base of this tabletop fireplace are made with 100% aluminum while the body is purely cement.

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Images courtesy of FLÎKR Fire