We’ve had the pleasure of testing several products from FlexiSpot for quite some time now and we can say that their standing desks are some of the best ones out there. The latest package to arrive at our office was a pleasant surprise. What initially thought was an office chair turned out to be the X2 — a power recliner.

A quick look at their lineup reminded us that they cater to more than just office furniture. The X2 involves a bit of assembly, but the process is pretty straightforward via the supplied documentation. It then made its way to the break room where almost everyone got a chance to try the seat out. 

Although this would be more appropriate to place in a living room or man cave, the premium build quality and luxurious design make it easy to position anywhere you like. For advocates against animal cruelty, fret not because Flexispot went with faux leather instead of the real deal. 

It is exquisitely crafted to fit every contour of the X2. Moreover, the manufacturer claims it is waterproof and scratch-resistant. The latter is a welcome characteristic when you have cats around and should come in handy if it so happens that anything with sharp edges gets in between (e.g. keys, EDC tools, or anything similar).

Underneath the upholstery is a solid frame constructed out of metal and wood, which is then lined with polyurethane foam. The padding is plush enough but with just the right amount of firmness to support your body. Flexispot has accounted for varying physical traits to ensure the X2 delivers top-notch ergonomics.

Unlike traditional mechanical recliners, this model needs to be plugged in. So far, this is the only caveat we can think of as it requires an outlet, but an extension cord should do the trick. The controls are located on the lateral side of the armrest and are always within reach no matter the seating position.

In between the two buttons is USB-A port for conveniently charging your devices. Given the motorized system of the X2, users have complete freedom over the position footrest and backrest. Flexispot likewise promotes the “Zero Gravity” mode wherein the relaxed posture improves spine health, blood circulation, and digestion.

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Images courtesy of Flexispot