From our experience, music fans will go to great lengths to own a piece of memorabilia from their favorite artists. These can range from T-shirts, albums, and almost anything with their name on it. of course, autographed merchandise always ranks high on the must-have list. It just so happens that an awesome piece of property — owned by Michael “Flea” Balzary — is up for sale.

We’re not entirely sure why the elite and some celebrities are parting with their homes in Los Angeles. Maybe this trend means they know something we regular folk do not. Anyway, as long as you’re not a conspiracy buff, the California real estate market welcomes another spectacular addition to their listings.

The 5.71-acre hilltop compound stands on the La Crescenta foothills. Take note that Flea certainly has exquisite taste as we can glean from the $9.8-million house on offer. Furthermore, those who gladly plunk down the cash will get a two-in-one deal.

You see, aside from the more modern main structure, there’s also the old-school Dorothy Serulnic Residence. Flea kept it intact and now functions as a guest house. The 1,350-square-foot dwelling is like an immersive snapshot from 1953. Penned by Richard Neutra, his work receives some contemporary upgrades.

When you want to step away from the past and into the present, the geometric outline of the newer home is just a short walk away. Double-layer UV-protected glazing adorns the walls and windows. The unpainted concrete of its volumes creates a cool industrial motif.

There’s also an outdoor movie pavilion perfect for that open-air cinema vibe. A 50-foot lap pool is likewise available should you fancy a dip. Since its purchase in 2018, Flea made some additions that make the compound the way it is now.

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Images courtesy of Compass