Most gyms have mirrors not because they encourage vanity. But because they allow you to check improvements in your body, especially for bodybuilders. But most mirrors don’t work the same way, with others giving you a “distorted” view of your reflection. Not the FITURE, which uses smart technology for an interactive experience. 

Motion Engine Technology tracks several skeleton points on your body for maximum efficiency and precision as you work out or train. This way, you get instant feedback on your form during workouts to prevent injuries, keep track of rep counts and sets, duration, and monitor heart rate, to name a few.

Moreover, the FITURE provides customizable workout routines so you can create your own exercise routine from the AI fitness movement library in the world. Outside of personalization, you can choose from over a hundred on-demand workouts. You can also opt to join training programs and interactive classes. 

There are several selections that cater to your preference from yoga, stretching, boxing, strength training, cardio, dance, sculpting, HIIT workouts, and more. Best of all, this smart mirror works with a mobile app where you can track your progress, challenge your previous record, and set weekly targets.   

The FITURE even makes access a breeze. A simple wave of your hand activates the responsive technology so you can start working out right away. It even works with voice commands. Plus, its sleek frame and aesthetic design go with any home or gym setup. It doesn’t take up a lot of space that you can even just prop it up against a wall.

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Images courtesy of FITURE