When you talk about camping, there’s a lot that naturally come to mind. It could be the trek to your favorite spot, the sights along the way, and everything else. Perhaps the most iconic element when in the great outdoors is a campfire. Basic survival skills would require us to learn how to start a fire. Thus, we feel that it is the highlight of every adventure. By Arnaud, the folks behind the Firekorf, probably think the same way too.

While building your campfire the traditional way is cool, the tradeoff is that it can be a fire hazard in certain conditions. Moreover, it would need a special setup if you plan to use it for cooking. This is where the Firekorf steps in to take all the extra effort out of your time for leisure. Overall, the design is for pure convenience and reliability so you can focus on relaxation.

What does Firekorf offer?

First of all, as we have noted before, the Firekorf is a hassle-free solution for those who love camping. On the other hand, if you have the backyard space and always wanted a firepit, then look no further. Not only does it provide heat, but it also packs accessories that aids in meal preparation.

We’re looking at a combo gadget that primarily functions as a firepit but can turn into a wood or charcoal grill/roasting spit in seconds. This makes it a splendid piece of outdoor equipment that can quickly adapt to your needs. Unlike purpose-built firepits and grills which take up a lot of space, it is the ultimate alternative that promises portability and durability.

What makes this possible is the unique form and mechanism that lets owners quickly set up and store the Firekorf. Aside from its dynamic design, its lightweight construction makes it a breeze to transport. Exposure to high temperatures and the elements are the biggest factors that contribute to corrosion. However, with parts crafted out of 304 stainless steel, it should withstand almost everything thrown in its way.

Getting to know the Firekorf

To understand what you’re going to be working with, let’s break down each key piece of the bundle. Starting with the firepit, it is a two-part assembly using a frame and a firebag. For stability even on uneven terrain, the frame features four legs when fully open and folds into something surprisingly compact.

Next is the firebag, which is secured via hooks on the upper end of the frame. Since this is the module that holds combustible material such as wood or charcoal, it should be able to endure a lot of heat. Therefore, it is fashioned out of a 304 stainless-steel wire mesh which behaves somewhat like fabric.

Once combined, the frame supports the firebag above ground which keeps it away from items that might catch fire. Thanks to the spaces between the woven metal wires, this allows the fire to draw oxygen and radiate heat more evenly around it.

Cooking with the Firekorf

Earlier, we indicated that you can also use this portable firepit for culinary purposes. Mind you, while purists would rather go for the hard way, packing something a little more versatile wouldn’t hurt. The Firekorf bundle holds just about anything you need to enjoy food that’s smoky and rich in flavor.

Cooking the way you want it

With the frame and firebag already assembled, you can then prepare the grill attachment which can be conveniently rolled to save space. The 304 stainless steel rods are interconnected with a steel wire. Once unfurled, a pair of steel rods provide support while you attach the mounting points on each end to the machined receptacles on the frame. Tests conducted by the manufacturer show that it can support items up to 22 lbs.

For bigger ingredients such as poultry and slabs of meat, By Arnaud throws in a kit for spit roasting. Since Firekorf boasts outstanding versatility and ease-of-use, it uses a 3-part configuration alongside 2 brackets to hold it over the flames or embers. Furthermore, the ergonomic handle is crafted out of classy walnut wood.

Why purchase the Firekorf?

The best question to ask before considering your purchase is if you really need a firepit in the first place. Nevertheless, in our opinion, By Arnaud actually created one remarkable product. What we love about it is the sheer creativity of developing a rugged-yet-stylish gear with superior adaptability to what its user hopes to achieve. The use of 304 stainless steel ensures that with proper care, it will last almost a lifetime.

It could be for providing warmth while camping or in any outdoor setting. Others will marvel at the ingenuity of the engineering that went into each of its components. It’s not often that you stumble upon firepit/grill with full-featured functionality that can be stored within a roll-up cover bag that measures 19.7 inches long x 3.9 inches high x 3.9 inches thick and weigh roughly around 6 lbs only.

Where can I get it?

If you are like us and genuinely want to own the Firekorf, head on over to their Kickstarter page to back this awesome project. On the other hand, if you want to see what else the company offers, check out the official website of By Arnauld for other cool stuff.

Get yours now: here

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