Filson’s Mackinaw Wool Foul Weather Hoodie is your fortress during extreme cold weather conditions. Wool has long been reliable when it comes to keeping your body warm because of its complex fiber structure that keeps moisture at bay. This way, no matter how soaked it gets, water easily evaporates to allow for a natural insulation process.

This process is inherent in this fully-functional jacket from Filson. It features a heavyweight 24-oz. Mackinaw Wool for insulation, breathability, and superior water repellency. The wool is sourced from a small herd of hardy sheep in the northwestern United States and Canada. 

Filson’s Mackinaw Wool Foul Weather Hoodie then is hardy so it can withstand harsh cold, windy, and wet conditions. It can absorb as much as 30% of its own weight in moisture without getting damp. This way it retains its warmth even when wet. Moreover, the fiber is bendable and flexible up to 20,000 times without breaking. This makes this jacket great for active outdoor wear because of its inherent durability.

A layer of oil finish Tin Cloth applied over the shoulders, arms, and hood adds a barrier to rain, snow, and abrasion. Then there are the wool-blend knit cuffs and hem to block out chilly winds. As with other cold winter wear, Filson’s Mackinaw Wool Foul Weather Hoodie also comes with patch hand pockets and snap-secure chest pockets on the front and an interior security pocket for valuables. The full-length two-way zipper that closes all the way to the chin area helps to further block out the wind or snow.

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Images courtesy of Filson