This pandemic requires all sorts of calming or relaxation methods to keep us from going into full-on panic mode. We need something to keep our minds off the stress. Thankfully, aside from medication, there are handy devices that help such as the Fidget Flip.

This is an anti-stress toy that works just like fidget spinners. The difference is it provides not just kinetic and visual stimuli but also auditory. It has exactly 750 tiny metal spheres that not only gives off a mesmerizing sight with each swish. They also give a soothing sound as they crash into each other. The sound it makes can mimic the soft rustle of leaves brushing against each other in the wind. It can sound like flowing water or the trancelike effect rainfall brings to the curious listener.

Suffice to say, the Fidget Flip provides a calming sound that helps alleviate stress or helps you focus. The flipping movement, on the other hand, gives your mind something else to concentrate on and not chew on your nails when under duress. Use it to relax when you are sitting at your desk at work.

The brains behind this toy, THE COMPANY, designed this piece with “an avant-garde futuristic style” that takes us back to our childhood years of watching movies and cartoons and playing with toys that have a minimalistic yet intricate design.

Thus, the Fidget Flip comes in attractive colors of yellow, blue, red, green, navy, ivory, and the quintessential black. The top and bottom exterior surfaces are made with glossy acrylic for a transparent view. Meanwhile, the interior frame features a colored acrylic with a matte middle.

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Images courtesy of THE COMPANY