There’s just something charming about the countryside and seaside locales that make you feel connected to nature. It could be attributed to the laid-back atmosphere, the architectural theme, or the people. If you want to take your experience even further, Fiat introduces a whimsical EV for you to drive around in. Meet the Topolino Dolcevita!

As indicated by the press release, the Italian marque actually has two trims available for this emission-free platform. If you prefer a mobility solution that can also double as a daily commuter in the city, the standard version of the Topolino should be on your radar. However, if the situation calls for a relaxing trip across town, it should be the other instead.

At a glance, it seems odd to call the Topolino Dolcevita a regular electric car. Perhaps it’s the lack of doors and rollable fabric sunroof that bears a semblance akin to that of a golf cart. Nevertheless, we know there are folks who will snap these up for their vacation homes or load one up in their RV or yacht.

Depending on the local legislation, younger drivers might be allowed to drive courtesy of its special classification. In fact, Fiat describes it as an electric quadricycle. The open-air Topolino Dolcevita is exclusively presented in a Verde Vita paint job, but more color options could become available later.

To give the vibrant shade contrast, there are chrome elements on the headlight surrounds, bumpers, rear luggage rack, and side mirrors. Furthermore, since there are no traditional doors to speak of, Fiat equips the Topolino Dolcvita with ropes on each portal. Its 5.4 kWh battery can fully recharge in less than four hours and offers a range of up to 47 miles. The top speed, meanwhile, is 28 mph.

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Images courtesy of Fiat