The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is already one exotic vehicle even in its standard form. However, the crazy guys over at NOVITEC are always eager to push machines beyond their stock capabilities. As such, they are now offering a comprehensive tuning pacakge for your sexy supercar.

As one of the world’s top aftermarket tuners, NOVITEC proudly works on some of the most exclusive marques in the automotive industry. So far, these include Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, McLaren, Tesla, Maserati, and Ferrari. In fact, we previously featured their work on the Prancing Horse’s hybrid.

However, it seems they have something new to offer this year. Owners who still find their ride’s current capabilities too tame, this German outfit is here to unleash its wild side. By default, the SF90 Stradale rolls out of Ferrari’s factory with 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that outputs around 986 horsepower.

Impressive numbers already, but they are upgrading the engine with two NOVITEC N-TRONIC control modules. Furthermore, the team is likewise equipping a high-performance exhaust system. This allows the mill to generate 1,109 horsepower for the Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Then there’s an 8-speed Magna 8DCL900 dual-clutch gearbox that courses everything to all four wheels. Speaking of which, NOVITEC also slaps on a set of exclusive Vossen forged rims. Clients can choose between 20-inch or 21-inch options for their SF90 Stradale.

Testing shows that the hybrid supercar can easily hit a 0-62 mph sprint in 2.4 seconds. Meanwhile, the top speed should be around 211 mph. NOVITEC does not stop there as it equips the SF90 Stradale with naked carbon fiber aero components. You can also opt for a sport spring set or a combo setup with a hydraulic front lift unit.

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Images courtesy of NOVITEC