Novitec is a custom shop that believes fast cars can be faster. Its latest handiwork? The Ferrari 812 Superfast, which, already beastly enough as it is, got an extra boost, at least visually, thanks to the crafty (and perhaps mad) folks at Novitec.

Unfortunately, this customized car doesn’t have more power than a regular 812 Superfast. In other words, Novitec did a purely visual upgrade. However, the shop says its engineers are working on a “performance upgrades” for the ride’s base 6.5-litre V12 engine.

If true, that means we could be getting something even faster than the machine’s standard 789 horsepower, and perhaps something more impressive than its already amazing 0 to 60 acceleration in just under three seconds.

So yes, it’s a bummer Novitec didn’t make a faster car out of a fast car, but don’t fret. It did make an already cool-looking ride even cooler. Novitec swapped out huge body parts in favor of carbon fiber ones. Among them are the wind-tunnel-developed chin spoiler and front grille attachment, rocker panels, a rear spoiler lip, and the rear fascia.

You can take that even further with an optional shocks package. It lowers the whole ride to 1.37 inches. On the other hand, there’s also a hydraulic lift that can raise the front end by 1.57 inches. Pricing information is yet to come, unfortunately. Expect the cost to be astronomical, of course. Certainly much more expensive than a regular 812 Superfast. We’ll update this article once we learn more, so stay tuned.


Photos courtesy of Novitec