Once upon a time, vinyl records were thought to be a wondrous, awe-inspiring piece of media, meant to be treasured and savored much unlike the way we consume our entertainment nowadays. If you’re looking to get back to your roots and truly appreciate music and craftsmanship on an authentic level, you need to check out the Fern & Roby Turntable ($6,500).

It’s got one hell of a heart-attack of a price tag, but all said and done, this machine truly is a monumental achievement in luxury pro audio playback! Made from cast iron, bronze and heart pine, The Turntable is a visually gorgeous and technically proficient return to the days of old with retro-future stylings aplenty!

The design is defined by a high-mass and balanced platter concept using a 70-pound cast iron plinth. It has a cast and turned 35-pound bronze platter, dynamically balanced to 1000 rpm. Also boasting a traditional synchronous AC motor with modern digital speed control techniques including real-time measurements of the platter speed, with an optical sensor feedback to control the platter speed and make micro adjustments as needed. Fern & Roby’s Turntable is offered standard with a Rega 303 tone arm, but facilitates a variety of tone arms with a custom heart pine arm-board upon request. We think it would pair perfectly with the Beam Tower Speakers, made by the same design house.

Fern & Roby Turntable 1

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Fern & Roby Turntable 2

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