In the 1980s, there were Japanese companies that sought to innovate urban mobility. At the time, Honda came up with the Motocompo as a folding scooter small enough to fit inside the trunk of subcompact cars. Although it wasn’t a resounding success, it was still iconic for companies like FELO to come up with the M One.

The Chinese EV Manufacturer recognizes the demand for a two-wheeler that focuses on performance, comfort, and portability. In short, they are integrating the most popular characteristics of the Motocompo and upgrading it for the modern user. So far, the design looks on point.

Perhaps Honda’s platform was way ahead of its time which led to its discontinuation after three years. If they ever plan to revisit the model in the future, it could be similar to what the M One brings to the table now. Just like the rest of its lineup, FELO endows the modular machine with a green powertrain.

Powering the M One’s 400W 1.34-horsepower hub motor is a 48V 20 Ah lithium-ion battery. A full charge provides a decent 60-mile range, which is higher than what many electric scooters can deliver. It also weighs around 80 lbs, which makes it easy to transport as well.

FELO notes that the dimensions of the M One are close to that of Honda’s Motocompo. It measures 45.6” x 22” x 33.8” with a 23.2” seat height and a 31.5” wheelbase. For storage, the handlebars and stem fold down into a recess, while the seat can be flipped over to slide into its receptacle. Footpegs likewise swing back to the underside for a totally sleek form factor.

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Images courtesy of FELO