Swimming pools can take on many design forms and functions. They can be made from various strong materials. But rarely are they seen as works of art. Well, Argentinian-Spanish artist Felipe Pantone has turned one residential pool into an art piece and called the project “Felipe Pantone Residential.” 

The artist, known for his chromatic, pixelated, and digitized glitchy artwork, teamed up with world-leading glass company ONIX to complete this stunning underwater masterpiece. He used 1″ ONIX mosaic tiles in seven colors to make a pinwheel out of an infinity pool at a home in Javea, Spain.

For the Felipe Pantone Residential, he utilized over 130,000 tiles to fully cover the pool. The tiles extend from the bottom to the sides and up to the ledge. The colorful tiles blend into each other allowing for a visually entertaining design. When viewed from above, the colorful pieces seem to light up, especially when hit by sunlight. They also seem to move with each ripple of the water and with the ever-changing light.

Moreover, the vibrant colors also stand out against its minimalist backdrop. The pinwheel adorned what could have been a boring, utilitarian rectangular pool at an all-white home in Javea. The outcome is an infinity pool that adds a beautiful contrast and becomes the architectural centerpiece.

As if the infinity pool for the Felipe Pantone Residential project wasn’t stunning enough, lush greenery also surrounds the home. Plus, the property provides impressive views of the sea in the distance. Not only will you be swimming in a kaleidoscope of colors you will also be basking in the beauty of your natural surroundings.

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Images courtesy of Felipe Pantone Studio