You want to buy a smart home system. It’s clear as you are reading this. Manufacturers are constantly pushing the bar higher by offering new and upgraded devices. In 2020, Home Security Systems are powerful, all-encompassing, and impressive.

Smart home security includes a broad range of gadgets, from doorbells and cameras to sensors and smoke alarms. The choice may bewilder a customer. You may not know what you need to make your home smarter and safer. Moreover, does it make sense to throw an insane sum of money on a whole package system?

A modern home security system gives you more control over your property than a traditional one. An app on your phone will allow you to check the situation at home whenever you want. If a sensor is triggered, you’ll get a notification and a video clip of any suspicious activity taking place. Also, the app allows a homeowner to arm and disarm the system remotely.

The choice of devices depends on the characteristics of your living place and your personal needs. You can use this checklist to define the vulnerable areas in your house/apartment and decide on the necessary security gadgets.

However, some devices are a must. Here’s a list of products you’d better have to keep an eye on your property, so you aren’t surprised by a break-in or water leak.

Ring Video Doorbell

When it comes to smart home security, you probably consider how to keep people out and how to let your family and visitors in. With a video doorbell, you’ll always know who or what is at your door, even when you are away. And since 34% of burglars sneak into a house right through the front door, the video doorbell is not just “nice to have” but “a must-have” for protection.

Ring video doorbells are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. They use Wi-Fi to connect to the app on your phone and provide users with a live view of the front door.

Ring currently has four models available on the market. More upgraded doorbells are equipped with a wide-angle lens. The camera records in 1080p resolution. Also, it has good night vision. Its two-way audio is loud and clear.

The Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell 2 are battery-operated. That means that you don’t have to hardwire anything. Easy installation is always a great plus. Still, they can be hardwired if you want to.

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor

You may be surprised that many residential burglaries and home invasions occur in the middle of the day. They happen between the hours of 09:30-11:30 and 14:00-15:00, when parents are at work and children are in school. Therefore, more and more people invest in security systems to protect their homes when they are away. And an indoor camera is one of the first lines of defense.

Nest cam IQ comes with great high-tech features in a sleek-designed package. Whether you want to stop strangers from creeping through your house or just watch after your kids, this gadget will help you.

Nest Cam IQ has a strong processor so that it can differentiate people from things. Moreover, it recognizes faces. 1080p recording with 4K image sensor support creates super sight.

Thanks to a powerful microphone, it can scare away the burglar. And due to noise reduction and echo cancellation, you can hear them well.

Perhaps, the only drawback of Nest Cam IQ is its price – $299.

Smart Alarm

Smart alarms are simple but important security accessories. The “alarm part” of a home security system is actually a single-faceted device that alerts police when someone accesses your home without permission.

Disarming modern alarm devices is a difficult task for burglars. But it’s easy for homeowners to connect the devices with the emergency services.

Smart alarms are not solely for break-ins. The motion detection system also includes sensors. A fire alarm is an indispensable gadget. No matter how careful you use electric gadgets, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Also, your home security system can detect carbon monoxide leaks, freezes, and even potential floods. When a problem is detected, the device instantly informs the relevant emergency service and gets help to your house as quickly as possible.

Home Monitoring Kit

Rutgers School of Criminal Justice found out that an alarm system is a valuable tool for crime-fighting. They conducted a comprehensive study of five years of statistics. Researchers detected a link between burglary reduction and an increase in alarms systems.

While some studies showed that most burglars avoid alarm systems, this is the first study to prove that security systems actually decrease the crime rate.

There’re two types of monitoring your home security system. Professional monitoring is a more traditional option. In this case, an expert at a monitoring center watches after your home 24/7. Your property is guarded when you are on the job or away on vacation.

If you pay for pro monitoring, the system will be set up to alert the security company’s center when an alarm is triggered. You will be contacted to make sure everything is OK, and the appropriate authorities are alerted if necessary.

With the help of modern smart devices, you can control, automate, and monitor your home on your own. Many people go for self-monitoring these days because it’s free. Are you ready to spend time checking live feeds and responding to alarm notifications?

You’ll be able to check on the status of your system from a computer or an app on your phone. If unexpected entry or motion is detected, the alarm system will send you an e-mail or text notification. You will decide on the next steps: to go home to check the situation, to call a family member or neighbor, or contact the police or another appropriate service.

Home automation resolves your safety and security concerns, offering many smart gadgets to guard your home and your family, both when you are there and when you are away. You may find the price of some products too high. But the peace of mind is priceless.