Are you ready to quench your thirst for travel this year? We don’t really want to jinx it, but 2022 might just be off to a good start. So far, most health experts present a positive outlook regarding the state of the pandemic. Saunders Architectures is already teasing a cool experience for their ongoing Fedje Hotel project.

Upon completion, this upscale establishment should offer travelers a taste of the Nordic lifestyle. Taking cues from the name, the avant-garde structure will eventually rise in Fedje, Norway. The firm wants to show off the majestic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean and provide guests with panoramic views of the landscape.

As such, they plan to put up the Fedje Hotel in an isolated section of the island’s west coast. Aside from the supposedly modest yet luxe accommodations, there’s another intriguing feature. The blueprint goes for a U-shaped form inspired by how traditional farm buildings are grouped in the country.

The outline shows three wings that wrap around an open-air courtyard. Saunders Architectures is keeping this area in its natural state as a visual feature of the Fedje Hotel. To make the structure stand out even more, the parallel volumes function as the floating middle’s cantilevered anchor so it stays above the ground.

This keeps the lower level free of any obstructions. It can double as a leisure spot or viewing point. Saunders Architectures then adds a ramp that leads up a rooftop walkway accessible to both guests and the public. It will also function as a mini garden.

On the opposite end rises a tower that will house a bar, restaurant, and spa. The Fedje Hotel’s exterior will be clad in untreated pinewood shingles and recycled slate. More importantly. there will be a total of 75 rooms with beds facing the Atlantic Ocean.

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Fedje Hotel Courtyard Fedje Hotel Ocean View

Images courtesy of Saunders Architectures