Look cool and stay warm with Fay’s 4-Ganci Jacket. This is a stylishly rugged outdoor wear that keeps off the cold with the double power of wool and cotton.

Made in Italy, this jacket uses a mixture of materials to make it hardwearing in both dry and wet seasons. It uses 100% cotton,  84% polyester for water resistance, 16% virgin wool for comfortable warmth, suede detailing, 100% polyamide lining for durability, and 100% polyester padding. 

Fay’s 4-Ganci Jacket boasts a distinctively rugged silhouette reminiscent of bomber jackets worn by pilots and bikers.  They feature large metal hook fasteners that bring a rugged edge to the vintage-look split leather detailing. Moreover, hidden snapped buttons work with the fasteners for a secure and comfortable fit. 

Whether you’re off on a hike or a quick trip out of town, this apparel keeps you cozy while looking trendy. The wool collar keeps the chill breeze off your neck while the shearling effect fleece lining lets you brave whatever adventure awaits in the cold. 

Fay’s 4-Ganci Jacket also lets you carry on-the-go essentials through several storage options. There are two wide snapped button pockets on either lower side and they also serve as hand warmers. Then there’s a zippered side entry chest pocket and an interior zipper pocket for your valuables like a credit card. 

Meanwhile, the branded Fay Archive tag on the left provides the jacket its authenticity.  If you’re looking for a stylish piece to wear on a daily basis, whether that’s for work or for recreational activities, then Fay’s 4-Ganci Jacket does wonders because of its functionality. 

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Images courtesy of Fay