Not so long ago, we talked about how the wealthy have started to flaunt their riches beyond luxury vehicles. It used to be private jets, but it seems upmarket leisure watercraft are the current obsession. Nonetheless, Eviation is preparing for the eco-friendly future of flight with the Alice. This time, the all-electric aircraft is getting an Executive trim.

In 2021, the manufacturer announced that its sustainable air travel platform would soon undergo testing. What we featured on our pages was the Commuter version of the Alice that could seat up to nine passengers. It boasts a spacious baggage compartment with 100 cubic feet and a maximum weight allowance of 850 lbs.

Then there was the Cargo variant that ditches the cabin seating to provide 450 cubic feet of room perfect for small-scale logistics. Going back to the Executive setup of the Alice, Eviation revamps the interior to provide ultimate comfort and extravagance. The only caveat here is the removal of three seats which leaves room for six.

The legroom it provides is impressive and you can even recline to relax or get some sleep before you arrive at your destination. Each seat is positioned directly beside a 22” x 16.5” panoramic window (the largest in its class) for amazing views. Below each portal is a wireless charging pad and drink holder. Sip on your favorite beverages and keep your compatible smartphone juiced up.

There are also slide-out tables available for those in the front four seats in the Executive Alice. This should help with productivity if passengers need to get some work done in flight. Thrust comes from two Magni650 640 kW electric propulsion units. The maximum cruising speed is 250 knots with a maximum range of up to 440 nautical miles.

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Images courtesy of Eviation