Personal grooming is as important as the outfit we wear. As such, always keep your basic hygiene practices in check. These include bathing, brushing your teeth, getting a haircut, and shaving your facial hair. Unless you’re intentionally growing out your moustache, beard, or both, a safety razor should be in your kit. If you prefer convenience, how about the Erazor?

Electric shavers are nothing new, but it’s the innovation that sets each one apart. Although others would argue that these cannot match what a straight razor or even a safety razor can do, there are advantages. You can get the job done faster, shave anywhere, and avoid nicks from the blades.

This fully-funded crowdfunding project addresses a common issue with regular electric shavers. Over time, the metal on the blades and foil will need replacement. Among the two, it’s usually the latter that gets swapped out regularly. What the Erazor brings to the table is the use of ceramic blades.

With proper care and use, these will stay as sharp as the day you got them. Moreover, the material does not rust and is resistant to other types of corrosion. It sits under a 0.05-mm thin stainless steel mesh so you get the closest shave every time.

The Erazor is also IPX7 waterproof so you can use it on wet skin. The cylindrical ABS/aluminum body gives you an ergonomic grip with each use. It measures 2.2” x 1.5” and weighs only 68 grams, which is as portable as you can get. Its 800-mAh battery fully charges in two hours and lasts up to 60 days.

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Images courtesy of Erazor