Running is a great way to clear your mind and stay fit, but it can also be hard on your joints. While there are many comfortable sports shoes that can help protect from injuries, we can safely say we’ve never seen anything like the Enko Running Shoes ($TBA).

Designed and engineered in France by a passionate runner named Christian Freschi, Enko took 12 years of development and testing and now is finally ready for the masses. This weird looking running shoe features impact-absorbing shocks that adjust to the weight of the runner, to his running style and to whether he is a pronator or a supinator. Impact is absorbed for smoother landing, and then converted into propulsion energy for a faster sprint. The springs are also interchangeable and can be switched between walking & running mode, adapting to your needs. Combining innovative athletic shoe technology with a light and a breathable fabric upper, the Enko Running Shoes aim to provide an extremely comfortable (and fast, we assume) running experience. Maybe now we’ll feel inspired to start exercising! Available on Indiegogo starting 1st of February 2015.


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