Zero Labs is officially developing the first-ever all-electric Ford Bronco. Ford has already confirmed that the iconic truck is coming back, but Zero Labs jumped the gun and announced its first production vehicle — “the world’s first 100 percent electric classic Ford Bronco.”

Zero Labs based it on the 1966 to 77 Ford Bronco, with a carbon fiber update on the body construction. You’ll also find an Atlas 2 two-speed transfer case, telematics, and all-digital display. The company says this marks the first in what will be yearly rollouts of limited-run, all-electric classics. Maybe a Porsche 911 EV is due someday? Sign us up, please.

Zero Labs will only make 150 units of this debut Ford Bronco restoration. There’s no pricing yet, unfortunately. But the company did say the price tag would fall within the top 10 to 15 percent of the high-end restomod market. That’s about $300,000, if you must know. That certainly puts the car out of most budgets. But it makes sense because Zero Labs is targeting purists.

“We realize, this isn’t for everyone. That’s OK because we could never make enough for everyone,” says Zero Labs. “We expect our customer has done their homework and knows pricing for these vehicles from premium builders can run $160,000 to 300,000.”

The all-electric Ford Bronco will be hand-built in Los Angeles. It will retain much of the styling lifted from the base model. However, it will come with over 1,000 newly designed components and parts. Underneath will be a lithium-ion battery boasting a capacity of 70kWh. That’s enough juice for a maximum range of 190 miles on a single charge.


Photos courtesy of Zero Labs