The competition is in full swing in the electric vehicle segment of the automotive industry to be the top platform for high-performance supercars. So far, this year has brought forward several awesome rides from concepts to those that are already heading for production. 2020 still has surprises under its sleeves in the form of the Elation Freedom hypercar.

Aside from its all-electric powertrain, it boasts a construction that’s mostly in lightweight carbon fiber. With so many startups now entering the market, many are likely wondering what’s making it possible. Unlike the research and development that goes into traditional combustion engines, the availability of battery technology and electric motors makes it easier for manufacturers to build their machines.

Given the founders’ love of aviation and automobiles, the influences are embodied in the design of the Elation Freedom. The aerodynamics of the hypercar is coupled with power and luxury to give owners the ultimate zero-emission option. As the gullwing doors left up, what greets you is a lavish cockpit one might find on a fighter jet.

To make each Freedom special, buyers can work with Elation’s team of engineers, jewelers, and upholsterers to personalize their coupe. They can select the full-grain leather, gemstones, and more to match their tastes. Thus, each unit that rolls out of the factory is a bespoke masterpiece.

Elation is working with engineers who have extensive experience in motorsports ensuring it meets the expectations both on the road and tracks. The standard model of the Freedom packs three electric motors that produce a total 1,400 horsepower. The company is apparently planning one with four motors delivering 1,900 horsepower. It can supposedly go from 0-62 mph in 1.8 seconds.

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Images courtesy of Elation Hypercars