Among the items that are essential to any home, office, or any space where people spend their time, we often overlook the humble trash can. Yes, something as simple as a container for stuff we need to get rid of is also a candidate for innovation. How, you ask? EKO offers a range of motion sensor models for hands-free convenience.

Traditionally, trash cans are any container with a large opening that stores garbage. However, you’ll need a form of cover when organic waste and anything that emits unpleasant odors is in the mix. The integration of pedals connected via a lever with hinges to a lid gets the job done, but EKO takes it even further.

Instead of a mechanical setup, the motion sensor lineup uses proximity sensors to automatically open the lid. We had the opportunity to test out a sample they sent over to our office and we must say it really feels like a futuristic piece of equipment. It’s also a huge plus that the exterior is crafted out of brushed stainless steel. Handles on each side make it easy to move around.

It adds a stylish luster to the surfaces and keeps fingerprints at bay. We like the fact that EKO went with four regular AA alkaline batteries instead of a power cord or in-built power sources. We had some spare rechargeable batteries on hand and those worked perfectly.

A manual toggle switch is also available to save power when it needs to be stored in the meantime. According to the product page, these should last up to 8 months on average. Honestly, we can’t verify this claim since we’ve only had the motion sensor trash can for a few days.

We can’t say for certain if it really takes that long to completely drain the batteries. Nevertheless, it works exactly as advertised. Disposing of garbage is as intuitive as it gets with just a wave of your hand over the sensor. The lifting action is smooth and stays open for roughly five seconds before it closes in the same fashion.

Touch-sensitive buttons are likewise available should you need to manually keep the lid open to dispose of more items. A removable inner ring secures the trash bag in place. Moreover, a deodorizer compartment is a cool bonus and accommodates a carbon filter or an air freshener. We opted to just use the EKO motion sensor trash can as is, and it never got to a point wherein we needed to install one.

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Images courtesy of EKO