Switch to health drinks that actually provide essential nutrients and vitamins and not saturated with sugar. Effusio guarantees you this with its vast offerings of dissolvable discs packed with readily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and botanicals.

The new Effusio Prebiotic + and Sleep + are not only rich in ingredients naturally sourced from around the world. They are also free of additives, plastic packaging, filler, and allergens. What you get is 100% healthy, safe, and a sustainable innovative solution to getting your daily dose of nutritional supplement.

Moreover, Effusio utilizes Thorne’s industry-leading ingredient quality and world-class nutritional formulas to guarantee you get only high-quality ingredients that do not disappoint. Each disc delivers clinical efficacy as it easily gets dissolved and absorbed by the body. This is all thanks to the utilization of phytosome, which increase absorption of botanicals and nutrients both orally and topically. We’re talking 20x more absorbable.

This format benefits both the Effusio Prebiotic + and Sleep + as they both contain plant-based ingredients such as green tea and chamomile. Let’s get into the details of each supplement to get a better grasp of its nutritional support.

Effusio Prebiotic +

Prebiotics are essential in keeping a healthy digestive system. They feed the friendly bacteria in our gut and in turn, they produce nutrients to enhance and strengthen our gastrointestinal tract. They can easily be incorporated into our diet by eating vegetables, fruits, chicken, almonds, chickpeas, and more.

The Effusio Prebiotic + makes it even more convenient to make prebiotic intake a daily habit: it only takes 45 seconds. That’s the time it gets to infuse one disc in liquid after a quick stir and you’re ready for a refreshingly healthy drink.

This is a bloat-free formula that uses a healthier sugar alternative of Stevia and Xylitol and packs botanicals to support both your gut and immune system. Its unique blend of ingredients includes antioxidant-rich green tea, pomegranate, and blueberry. They all promote healthy brain function, healthy weight, and maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Meanwhile, fast-acting PreforPro prepares your gut to ensure healthy bacteria have room to thrive and flourish. Add a pomegranate-blueberry flavor and you get a neutral yet delicious tasting prebiotic supplement.

Effusio Sleep +

The Effusio Sleep + gets you to dreamland in seconds with its blend of ingredients that guarantee a restful sleep. You wake up calm, refreshed, and collected so you can go about your day invigorated. It has chamomile extract and L-Theanine, both known to aid with sleep. They also ease stress and anxiety and reduce insomnia.

Then there’s the natural sleep hormone melatonin that induces sleepiness. It also supports sleep maintenance as it keeps you in a state of deep sleep. The Effusio Sleep + dissolves quickly and takes a minute with a light stir or shake to completely mix with your drink.

Benefits You and the Planet


Both the Effusio Prebiotic + and Sleep + provide an alternative method to incorporating intakes of nutritional supplements in our daily diet as they are easily digestible. Not to mention they are trendy.

Most importantly, they are also sustainable as it uses compostable plastic-free packaging and unique resin composition for the discs. The discs utilize 1/3 of the water to produce and it emits 75% less carbon dioxide and 53% fewer greenhouse gases. So they not only optimize good health but also promote a healthier planet.

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Images courtesy of Effusio