Although EcoFlow’s $50 River Rapid power bank is pretty tiny, it packs a punch. In fact, it’s the only power bank that can charge up USC Type-C laptops like the latest MacBooks, giving your computer an an extra 50 minutes of power so you can continue to be productive.

Imagine you’re at a café. All the outlets are taken. You need to send that last email to your boss before the week ends but your laptop is running out of juice. That’s where the River Rapid comes in handy — emphasis on “handy” because most portable battery chargers that can power a MacBook Pro are very bulky, unwieldy, and downright unpleasant-looking.

The River Rapid power bank, by contrast, is very compact. In fact, you can even put it inside your pocket and be on your merry way. It offers up to 5,000mAh battery capacity so you can also charge your phones, tablets, smartwatches, and even a GoPro while you’re at it. And did we mention it charges really fast? Thanks to USB Quick Charge 3.0, River Rapid can speed up device charging by as much as 20%.

Do note that the River Rapid power bank will only give your MacBook an extra 50 minutes of power, but that’s probably sufficient enough to send a last-ditch email, to add finishing touches to the presentation you’re working on, or say goodbye to friends on Facebook.

Again, it’ll run you just $50, which is an incredible value for your money especially if you’re the type of person who often gets in a pinch when it comes to running out of juice.


Photos courtesy of EcoFlow