The Eagle garage was founded back in 1984 with the purpose of working exclusively on the Jaguar E-Type vehicles. They are geared for both classic restorations and built up to racing performance standards.

This particular Eagle Spyder GT ($Inquire) is a fine example of the work this British auto shop produces. Coming in as an original 1960’s E-Type in need of restoration, it didn’t take long to strip it down to parts and begin the transformation. The body is a bespoken aluminum monocoque that has been hand-assembled. Other aluminum weight reductions have taken place in the 4.7 liter XK engine block and the gearbox which also was originally steel.

Rework throughout the vehicle has brought the Spyder GT into a unique position of being a powerful road machine. Its 330bhp engine can zip from 0 to 60 mph in under 5 seconds. With such state of the art mechanics fused into the classic form, this reborn classic is ready to hold its own against modern sportscars prowling the streets today. It also looks better than most of them. [via]