The DWR Vala Swivel Recliner takes a unique approach to the aesthetics of a recliner. Instead of the bulky and sometimes inelegant lounger, you have one that looks more like an ordinary reading chair.

“My goal was to create a recliner that is a special place for wellness, rest, meditation, and mindfulness and that is refined and airy in appearance,” designer Hlynur Atlason says of the DWR Vala Swivel Recliner. The outcome is a “recliner that doesn’t look like a recliner.”

But don’t let its appearance deceive you especially since this chair mostly has movable parts. The footrest, seat, and seatback all move independently at each other. It swivels and stretches to provide you with extreme comfort just how recliners work. If you shift positions from upright to feet up to full recline the chair fully supports your body.

The difference with the DWR Vala Swivel Recliner is its size. It is compact and so it takes up little space at a measure of 39″ H 31.25″ W 61.75″ D. It also looks elegant anywhere you put it.

Turning this chair into a recliner is fairly simple. A seated push in the backrest is all it takes. The swivel base gently and smoothly returns it to its original position when not in use. Unlike some recliners that sometimes surprise you when they quickly spring back into place.

The DWR Vala Swivel Recliner even lets you customize your color preference. You can choose from a selection of hues for the upholstery and black or aluminum for the base finish.

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Images courtesy of Design Within Reach (DWR)