Aside from the series of upscale homes that we’ve regularly talked about, there are some which are more modest yet striking enough to deserve your attention. Lately, Vietnam’s architectural scene has been delivering unique designs. BLOCK Architects shows us their work on the Duyen Casa II hotel. Instead of building it from the ground up, this is a renovation.

The existing structure was a dwelling with an L-shaped plan, which they retain. The team did not demolish anything but added some partitions to separate the volumes. The Duyen Casa II spans about 10,010 square feet and stands on a lot roughly 10,763 square feet. The boutique hotel can accommodate up to 16 guests across three bedrooms and two dorm rooms.

So far, it seems like a wonderful place for backpackers to stay when they visit Cao Lanh city in the Dong Thap province. For those wondering, this modest establishment is in Southern Vietnam. You can easily single it out thanks to the distinct earthy aesthetic of its exterior. The terracotta color of its tiled roof surrounds another made of sheet metal.

BLOCK Architects says the Duyen Casa II owner was on a tight budget, but they managed to pull off something remarkable. After a brief tour to learn about local building materials and handicrafts, that’s when inspiration struck. Tiles, bricks, and round steel bars become curtains that drape across the façade of the resort.

Not only do these add a visual layer to the otherwise plain surfaces, but also helps reduce thermal radiation. Guests can park their cars or motorcycles and head over to the reception area for booking. The Duyen Casa II thrives on simplicity which is why they only have an open-air dining area that faces the courtyard pool.

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Duyen Casa II Arial Duyen Casa II Facade Duyen Casa II Pool Duyen Casa II roof Duyen Casa II at night

Images courtesy of BLOCK Architects/Quang Dam