As electric powered bicycles continue to grow in popularity among urban commuters, especially in Europe, Swiss startup company Düsenspeed has just released three new models of e-bikes set to please any riding style.

Their Model 1 is based on old-time board track racers but offers a sturdy carbon fiber frame. By itself, the Düsenspeed Model 1 is only 8.8 lbs but depending on which of the several available options of motor configuration may go as high as 68.3 lbs total. The Model 2 is a cafe racer-style bike with minimal bodywork and a head-down riding position. It is a bit heavier than the Model 1 and is subsequently a bit slower. The Düsenspeed Model 3 is a proper off-road style with strong angular frame and a 1,200 Wh battery capable of driving the 2-wheeler between 30 and 90 miles depending on speed.

It should be noted that laws regulating licensing and insurance vary from place to place around the world so it is suggested investigating what is required to get the Düsenspeed for your needs.

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