Motorcycles from Kawasaki undergo a remarkable transformation in the hands of Droog Moto. The shop specializes in custom builds that turn regular models from the Japanese marque into menacing machines. For their latest outing, we have what they call the Hyper Fighter Apagón. Two-wheelers that elicit excitement at first glance are rare, but this one hits it out of the park.

We’ve featured a couple of projects from the Washington-based husband and wife team back then. There’s the E-Fighter, Mini Fighter, and the Urban Fighter. Since its founding in 2016, they’ve been catering to discerning clients with a fondness for the bespoke. As such, to live up to their signature bold designs, we have two trim levels to check out.

According to Droog Moto, the Hyper Fighter Apagón is packing a 948 cc mill good for 130 horsepower. This blackout bad boy can easily hit 60 mph from a standstill in 2.9 seconds. For the adrenaline junkies who demand more, the “SC” version sees a 998 cc liquid-cooled inline-four welcome a supercharger. This boosts the output to 210 horsepower.

They’re also replacing the original body kit with a geometric outline to give it a slightly futuristic aesthetic. The naked sports bike is mostly finished in matte black with only a few elements in contrasting tones. The Hyper Fighter Apagón’s subframe underside features an LED brake light strip. Meanwhile, the front shows a unique diagonal headlight arrangement.

“With adjustable suspension in both front and rear this fighter handles like a dream featuring the ability to make on the go changes to accommodate your riding needs,” says Droog Moto. The top-of-the-line Hyper Fighter Apagón SC will cost you roughly $75,000, while the standard should be around $50,000.

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Images courtesy of Droog Moto