We’re suckers for vintage design and mechanical stuff, so when the DRIVE Watch ($NA) landed on our desk we knew it had to be featured on Men’s Gear.

Created by London-based designer Gus Petrikas, DRIVE is just a concept at this point, but it looks so darn good that it should immediately become a gearhead reality. The analog timepiece has a precision-machined aluminium unibody with dual sliding indicators (resembling an old speedometer), and thick leather straps- a combination that brings to mind the charming 70’s racing machines. Its unique construction allows for checking the time without taking your hand off the steering wheel, so you can concentrate on driving.

Old-school, warm and uncomplicated, we recon the DRIVE Watch would pair flawlessly with the vintage Rexton Jacket and a pair of Ranger Gloves, while driving Steve McQueen’s 1976 Porsche, of course.

DRIVE Watch 3

DRIVE Watch 1

DRIVE Watch 5

DRIVE Watch 7

DRIVE Watch 9

DRIVE Watch 8

DRIVE Watch 6