Who loves ice cream? We do! Maybe most of you do as well. To get some, we can head over to the supermarket, convenience store, or even order online. Sometimes, if Lady Luck is on your side, an ice cream truck will drive by. Meanwhile, with the help of Draco UTV, Polaris builds one with off-road capabilities.

Perhaps the only way for anyone to enjoy some ice cream while in the great outdoors is if they have an RV or camper trailer with a freezer. However, don’t you just wish that a mobile merchant would set up shop in the middle of nowhere to peddle the icy treats on a hot day?

It’s just a wild guess, but maybe a bunch of crazy dudes from the two companies share the same thought too. They have our thanks as it is finally possible to purchase the delicious desserts almost anywhere with the help of a side-by-side built to do just that. Behold the Draco UTV x Polaris Ice Cream Truck.

Technically, it’s a custom UTV that will haul your favorite frozen delights to where the action is. Events like off-roading competitions, music festivals, and so much more. Two Polaris generators power refrigerated coolers housed in special compartments at the rear.

The Draco UTV x Polaris Ice Cream Truck will make its debut at the 2021 Mint 400. It even sports a two-tone paint scheme in mint green and white. Low-light visibility never becomes an issue thanks to its bespoke lighting setup which feature images of ice cream cones with a single scoop. Let’s hope this becomes an optional trim in the future.

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Images courtesy of Draco UTV/Polaris