For every commuter, comfort and versatility are a must when it comes to important everyday carry items including backpacks. You want a bag that is for the long haul and one that you can brag about while out and about in the urban jungle. Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack takes a unique approach to backpack design by incorporating the classic accessibility of a Doctor’s bag and topped with useful modern upgrades. What you get is an elegantly trendy, robust, and modular pack that you can take to work and play.

Whether you’re traveling, going camping, to work, school, or simply looking to secure your belongings while on the go, this pack delivers. It can store almost anything from your gym wear, work and travel essentials, or outdoor fun necessities. Its spacious front-opening interior compartment gives you the freedom to choose what you want to pack and how you want them packed.

The Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack comes with modular components designed for specific purposes e.g. toiletry bag, tech sleeve, and more. Thus, it provides extreme organization and quick on-the-go access. All these and more features including a waterproof construction make this pack an ideal carry no matter where you go and no matter what you wear.

An All-Rounder Pack Built For A Lifetime

The Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack is the “the last travel bag you’ll ever buy.” Guaranteed spacious, heavy-duty, and stylish. It provides all-around comfort no matter how you carry it, you may never want to part with it.

Its trademark wire-frame opening design means the bag holds its shape whether open or close. This way you see everything inside and don’t have to rummage around for the thing you want to get. Its shell and trim are made from PVC-coated nylon mesh and Hypalon, which makes it waterproof, less prone to wear and tear, and extremely scratch-resistant. The addition of waterproof and explosion-proof size 8 zippers makes this bag ultimately durable.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack is comfortable to carry no matter the weight. It uses EPE Seismic Sponge and thick breathable form-fitting mesh for the back panel and shoulder pads. They help dissipate heat and lessen the pressure on points of contact on the body so you don’t have to worry straining your back and shoulders. This makes it an all-rounder backpack and one that you can definitely take hiking and camping or to any visits with nature.

Secure and Versatile

The Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack features three strong magnetic quick-release buckles that provide security and packing versatility. The clasps let you secure the external part of the backpack over the zippered opening so your items remain intact and safe from prying eyes.

The magnetic clasps also let you configure the modular components any way you see them comfortable to wear. You can hold items inside using the magnetic buckles or use them to secure the bag around your waist. Meanwhile, a range of strap options transforms the pack into a duffel or crossbody bag.

Useful Organizational Components

What makes the Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack stand out from its kind is its customization. Its modular accessories give you plenty of storage and carrying options. The components include a nylon compression bag, a magnetic easy-access camera bag made from a combination of neoprene, polyester, and nylon, a phone pouch constructed from PVC, nylon and Hypalon, a waterproof toiletry bag, and a waterproof waist bag. All these you can carry individually using the additional multifunctional carabiner straps or the detachable shoulder straps.

The pack alone already gives you loads of storage options. On the back are quick-access hidden pockets for your laptop, tablet, and for banknotes. There is also a small internal zippered pocket while side pockets can hold a water bottle, tripod, and more. You also have a keychain clip on the side and the shoulder straps have a slot for your earphones and another hidden pocket.


A great backpack should adapt to the everchanging climate of modernity. It should cater to the demands of the urban jungle. It should be durable, spacious, safe, and comfortable to wear. The Dr. Wilds Wingman Backpack definitely fits this bill. It not only looks ruggedly handsome and robust but also very versatile. The modular pieces give you added storage solutions and they look sleek and stylish to boot.

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