Waking up to the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee or a perfectly pulled shot of espresso is probably the most ideal way to start the day for many. Hence, there is an abundance of kitchen appliances designed to streamline the preparation of the caffeinated beverage. Unfortunately, households that prefer tea — particularly chai — need to do so from scratch. The Dostea Tea Machine is about to change that.

Making tea is a fairly straightforward process. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why nobody bothers to order special equipment that can do it for them instead. Yes, tea-making machines exist, but they’re not as ubiquitous as ones for coffee. Meanwhile, a group of friends in the United Kingdom are developing an innovative product to serve the flavorful and distinctly Indian drink.

Have any of you sampled a warm cup or even modern variants of chai? If not, the best way to describe it is a sweet and creamy tea with notes of various spices. Those who enjoy it typically consume everything to the last drop given the somewhat meticulous method of preparation. Therefore, if the Dostea Tea Machine delivers on its promise, the product will be groundbreaking.

Just like the current-generation coffee machines or other advanced automated systems, all users need to do is fill the two reservoirs with milk and water. With their preferred capsule already attached, a press of a button results in a perfect cup of chai every time. According to the team, the Dostea Tea Machine is already in the prototype stages. It comes with a warming plate and a carafe to keep your chai warm and ready to serve.

“Crafting a traditional chai can be a laborious endeavour, demanding the concurrent use of various utensils which often result in a significant mess. The Dostea Tea Machine, designed specifically for the United Kingdom market, is engineered to alleviate these challenges,” reads the press materials on their Behance page.

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Images courtesy of Analogy Design/Behance