At one point in our lives, we guys develop this obsession with heavy machinery. There’s just something so cool about seeing these behemoths going around and tackling challenging tasks. Given the sizes of these things, workers should always be careful around them. Therefore, Doosan Infracore proposes a cutting-edge solution they call the CONCEPT-X.

The South Korean company’s futuristic project is the recipient of the 2021 iF World Design Gold award. This recognition means that the equipment manufacturer is one to something remarkable here. What its proposal hopes to do to minimize the likelihood of workplace injuries.

This is where CONCEPT-X steps in to automate everything. Statistics show that even with safety measures in place and even in proper gear, injuries can still happen. As such, Doosan Infracore proposes an ambitious system that employs drones that fly over construction sites.

These then create 3D maps of the area and relay the data to the control center aptly dubbed the X-CENTER. The CONCEPT-X fleet features an excavator, ADT (adjective dump truck), and awheel loader. All of these are remotely monitored in real-time by drones and controlled by a proprietary program.

According to the Doosan Infracore, since there are no human operators, the machines can work continuously. This allows construction projects to be finished earlier than conventional methods. Also, a failure prediction algorithm should reduce maintenance costs.

From a design perspective, renders of the heavy equipment show sleek aesthetics. The CONCEPT-X fleet looks like something the guys over at Tesla might cook up. Perhaps this is what the construction industry envisions. A future wherein artificial intelligence and robotics are handling high-risk operations with minimal human intervention.

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Images courtesy of Doosan Infracore