When you seek a supercar manufacturer that specializes in high-performance motoring with stunning design, Donkervoort is ready to impress. The automotive group has a deep understanding of what discerning clients desire in a vehicle as it presents the F22. It’s a platform that does not hold anything back when it comes to aesthetics and capabilities.

In fact, the F22 and its remarkable spec sheet are what they call “ground-breaking”, and many will agree. Donkervoort “sets new supercar standards in speed, handling, driving purity, design and everyday usability while retaining strong visual links to the Dutch supercar brand’s open-wheel heritage.”

It’s a bold claim indeed but one that it intends to back up. What really makes it an outstanding machine is weight management. The engineering team behind this roadster delivers a two-seater that’s 750 lbs. lighter than a Mazda Miata. At 1,650 lbs., it should offer responsive handling, alongside thrilling driving dynamics.

A tubular steel and carbon fiber chassis help it withstand more than 2G of lateral acceleration. Donkervoort outfits this bad boy with a 2.5-liter inline-five it sources from Audi. This is mated to a TKX five-speed manual gearbox. At 500 horsepower and 472ft-lbs of torque, this output allows the F22 to quickly hit 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the top speed is 180 mph.

There’s also no shortage of cool features such as the removable composite Twin Targa roof, butterfly doors, AP Racing four-piston calipers and more. TracTive adaptive shock absorbers, a double wishbone suspension, and an adjustable ride height further enhance its performance on the street and on the tracks. Donkervoort will build only 75 examples of the F22. Interested parties can reserve their units now!

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Images courtesy of Donkervoort