Dodge has a pleasant surprise coming for lovers of the Challenger SRT Hellcat – a Widebody Edition ($71,500) that gives even better performance. Addressing the concerns that the original Hellcats didn’t have the rubber to utilize all the available power, Dodge has taken the bulging fender flares from their Challenger SRT Demon to make the needed room.

By adding 3.5″ to the width of the car, there is now room for the unique 20″ x 11″ split-five-spoke aluminum wheels wrapped in 305/35 Pirelli P-Zeros all around. Tests have proven that the extra rubber and sensible wheel/tire set have boosted what the 707 horsepower engine already gives. Now the Hellcat Widebody manages the 0-60 sprint in just 3.4 seconds and brings the quarter-mile run down to 10.9 seconds. The increased grip on the road also helps corner better so their 1.7-mile track run is shortened by two full seconds over the best the narrower tires could give. The only downside is that the top speed has been reduced from 199 mph to a “mere” 195 mph!