The District Vision x Suicoke Insulated Loafer is a tribute to the eyewear brand’s appreciation for Japanese craftsmanship and culture. In the process of finding the most advanced eyewear factory in the world, the brand fell in love with the Japanese dedication to mastering a single skillset over the course of a lifetime which they often pass from one generation to the next. 

As such, the eyewear brand has tapped Tokyo-based Suicoke for this cozy footwear with a design that’s distinctly Suicoke. This is District Vision’s second collaboration with the Japanese footwear specialist. It is “designed for a slower pace of life, taking refuge in Japanese gardens, traditional ‘Kominka’ homes, and meditation temples to find inner peace.”

This footwear is just in time for Fall (and Winter?) with its cool-weather features including a custom-embroidered insulated nylon upper with Suicoke’s signature anatomical and antimicrobial EVA footbed. It also has an original Suicoke outsole, features sewn silicone badges, and a high-density foam platform midsole.

Meanwhile, shock cord adjustments around the ankle for a quick and customizable fit. This system also increases heat retention keeping your feet warm and cozy during chilly days. The District Vision x Suicoke Insulated Loafer offers just the right amount of traction and grip so you can tread with ease and comfort on uneven or slippery surfaces. 

Meanwhile, the high-density foam platform midsole offers a flexible comfort that doesn’t restrict movements and also keeps you steady on your feet. The antimicrobial EVA footbed provides cushion, breathability, and keeps your feet dry and comfortable. 

The District Vision x Suicoke Insulated Loafer feels like a warm and cozy blanket on your feet. They are perfect for days when you just want to lounge around the house when the temperature drops.  

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Images courtesy of District Vision