If you have been following news related to tech, then subjects related to the latest and popular gadgets have likely been featured. Now that modern consumers are highly dependent on their smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices, we tend to interact with these items on a regular basis. Developed by cellhelmet, DISTEK MAX screen and phone cleaner hopes to encourage users to make it habit to sanitize their stuff.

Most of us are unaware that on any given day, our hands are a hotbed of microbes. If left unattended, it would lead to many types of illnesses. Furthermore, it’s almost second nature for individuals to reach for their mobile phones every time. As such, the DISTEK MAX screen and phone cleaner is one of the best go-to solutions to quickly disinfect our handsets and more.

Likewise, due to the current health crisis, healthcare experts urge people to follow certain precautionary measures. These include social distancing, isolation, and basic hygiene practices to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Just like washing your hands, it’s a great idea to also clean objects that you touch or use close to your face.


Based on the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the simple act of washing our hands with the help of soap can already remove a significant number of viruses and bacteria that could make us sick. Another recommended alternative is the use of a formula with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

DISTEK MAX is a proprietary formula that introduces 70% isopropyl alcohol into the mix. This effectively delivers a comparable sanitizing treatment for your smartphones or tablets. Despite what some antibacterial wipes claim, a lot of these mostly use water with some additives.

This American-made screen and phone cleaner was introduced recently on April 27, 2020. This appears to be a brilliant timing with the ongoing pandemic. It’s a product specifically for devices anybody frequently touches and in turn touches our face.

Developing DISTEK MAX

Each package of DISTEK MAX comes with the formula in a 30-ml spray bottle along with a microfiber cloth. It is on offer from cellhelmet – a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer/distributor of mobile accessories. The company officially made its debut on March 8, 2013, on ABC’s popular show Shark Tank.

According to the firm’s Executive Vice President, Lee Terkel, they have recognized a market for a reliable and effective cleaning product precisely for handheld devices. “We have always had a company focus on products that solve real problems and improve the safety of our phones and tablets,” he stated.

“Clearly, nobody is happy about what has happened in our world, but we are proud to be able to contribute to the fight in a positive way,” Terkel added. DISTEK MAX seems to be a convenient option for tech-savvy people who rely on their gadgets for work, entertainment, and more.

How To Use It

Just as cellhelmet advertises, DISTEK MAX is “easy to apply” on all forms of touchscreens. However, it should be noted that the solution should not be used on plastic or polymer surfaces. These days, the craftsmanship of most modern handsets and slates use metal and other premium materials. Hence, it should be generally safe for almost all the latest models.

Many will notice that on certain angles, the glass covering the display and camera modules sport ugly smudges. Additionally, this is evidently visible on highly reflective and polished sections of the housing. A spray of DISTEK MAX quickly breaks down the oils and dirt that have settled. You can then wipe it off with the microfiber cloth that comes with the set or anything similar.

Once done, what you have is a sparkling clean and bacteria/virus-free gadget that is safe to use. We recommend that you regularly give it a wipe down each time you get home just to be extra careful. Keep more than one DISTEK MAX bottle on hand. Throw one in your backpack, handbag, vehicle, and areas close to the door the lead outside of your home.

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