Do you own any flagship smartphone or wearable right now? If so, these devices likely support wireless charging technology for convenience. Since this is the direction most manufacturers want to take, it’s only logical that the accessories should innovate as well. Hence, somebody just came up with a cool concept called the Dino Charger.

We’re willing to be that the wireless charger you have on hand is likely one of the flat pucks that just take up space on your table or nightstand. Unlike traditional chargers that require us to fiddle around and plug in the cables to top up our gadgets, the Qi wireless standard offers a more intuitive alternative.

As long as the magnetic coils are within range and in the proper position, the device should begin to draw power. However, the issue on hand here is what other functions can most of these do when not in use. The Dino Charger, meanwhile, integrates a small round screen which can show various information during its downtime.

Think of this concept as a two-in-one wireless charging pad and smart display. Designer Jerry Kong notes owners can view the time, weather, images, battery insights, and more. Renders of the Dino Charger tell us there are several colors available and each comes with a stand and what seems like an adjustable hinge to accommodate various types of devices.

There is no mention of the type of fast-charging numbers it is compatible with. What appears to be a speaker grille on the rear is likely a vent to keep the electronics cool during prolonged usage. The Dino Charger is a fine example of how creativity can turn a simple accessory into something more.

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Images courtesy of Jerry Kong