Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, 01/05/24 – Fidget Digits, a leader in innovative gadgets and fidget toys, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest breakthrough product, the Digit Cube. Revolutionising the fidgeting experience, the Digit Cube is the world’s first metal fidget cube designed to provide unparalleled versatility and durability for enthusiasts of all ages.

Crafted with precision engineering and meticulous attention to detail, the Digit Cube is a testament to quality and innovation. Unlike traditional fidget cubes, which are often made of plastic, the Digit Cube boasts a sleek and sophisticated metal construction, setting a new standard for tactile satisfaction and longevity.

“At Fidget Digits, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design and functionality,” said Roger Wilson, Founder at Fidget DIgits. “With the Digit Cube, we aimed to create a product that not only satisfies the fidgeting needs of our customers but also reflects our commitment to excellence in engineering and craftsmanship.”

Key features of the Digit Cube include:

Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply someone who loves to fidget, the Digit Cube is the perfect companion for relieving stress, improving focus, and enhancing productivity. Its compact size makes it ideal for carrying in your pocket or bag, ensuring that fidgeting relief is always within reach.

“We believe that the Digit Cube will appeal to anyone who appreciates products that are meticulously engineered, built to last, and love new inventions,” added Roger.

The Digit Cube is exclusively on Kickstarter launching May 1st. For more information about the Digit Cube and to place your order, visit:

About Fidget Digits:

Fidget Digits is a leading provider of innovative gadgets and Fidget Toys designed to enhance everyday life. With a focus on quality, functionality, and design, we are committed to delivering products that exceed expectations and inspire creativity.

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